Daxara 107.2 Trailer

The Daxara 107.2 Trailer is the smallest trailer in the general purpose/occasional use category of trailers, but is still very capable. It is constructed from galvanised steel for strength and longevity and has a gross weight capacity of 350kg. It is perfect for camping trips as well as trips to take domestic waste etc to the local tip and other such activities. As with all the Daxara trailers the rear panel/tailgate is removable and along with the tipping feature allows for easier unloading of materials such as sand, gravel and earth. Another useful feature is the recessed lights on the back of the trailer which as well as protecting the lights from getting damaged, allows the trailer to be store on its end, thus taking up far less space when not in use. The versatility of this great little trailer can be further enhanced by adding any of the accessories shown below. Buying a spare wheel and spare wheel support should be seriously considered when buying a trailer, especially if you intend to use the trailer on long journeys.

Due to our stock, we can often have the trailer ready in a couple of hours.

All prices are including VAT.

Trailer Bed Dimensions Axles Capacity Price
Daxara 107.2 1.06m x .85m single un-braked
Gross kg 350 kg
Load kg 295 kg

As mentioned, there is a long list of options available throughout the range:

Option Price
Spare Wheel for Erde 122 £34.80
Spare Wheel Support for Erde 102-148 & PM310 £14.40
Jockey Wheel for Erde 102-148 £62.41
Coupling Head Lock Erde £13.20
Hitch Lock 50mm £30
Erde Universal Load Bars £160.85
Aluminium Cycle Carrier – Lockable £37.21
Cover – Flat for Erde 102 £27.61
Cover – 30cm for Erde 102 £130.83
Cover for Mesh Sides for Erde 102 £52.48
Mesh Side Extensions – 60cm for Erde 102 £117.84
Cargo Net for Erde 102-153 (150cm x 90cm) £21.60
Universal Ladder Rack – Includes Instructions £96.02
Ladder Rack – Multidimensional £160.85